Alameda Middle School

We’re helping Alameda Middle School to locate and repair a leak, and save 16,000m3 of water per year.

Alameda Middle School is a popular and expanding school in Bedfordshire with capacity for 720 pupils. Covering a large site with multiple buildings, the school is responsible for maintaining a 320 metre network of private water supply pipes within the boundary of its properties.

In 2015 the school’s water consumption had increased from 2,500mto 19,000m3. The cause was likely to be a leak, but with such an extensive network of supply pipes, they were not able to locate the source. So they contacted us to use our Leakage Find & Fix (LFAF) service.

Locating the leak

As there were no water infrastructure plans available and pipe construction material was not known in all locations, our LFAF team started by mapping the utilities on site before moving on to investigating the school’s extensive network of pipes, for leakage.

After two days of extensive searching, the team located the leak under the floor of the school’s kitchen.

Gain-share scheme

Through our gain-share scheme we paid the upfront costs of the repair work, together with associated improvements, which would later be recouped through the savings achieved. The scheme allowed Alameda Middle School to benefit from a reduction in water charges without having to invest any capital. This innovative approach to finance was appreciated by the school and is particularly useful for organisations working to tight budgets without the ability to invest in capital programmes.

Spectacular savings

With the leak fixed, the school are looking at predicted savings of over £41,000 in charges and 16,000mof water per year.



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