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Asda is one of the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets, with over 525 stores across the UK. We’ve worked with stores in the Anglian region for many years.

Since 2010, we’ve provided a dedicated account manager and a single point of contact in our billing team. What’s more, we now issue a single consolidated bill, which saves Asda significant processing time and money.

In 2010, our service levels were recognised with Asda’s Most Improved Supplier Award – which paved the way for replicating our approach throughout stores in Scotland.

Our relationship with Asda in Scotland began the following year, after signing an agreement which included: providing water, wastewater and drainage retail services to 64 sites; installing smart meters at properties; auditing an in-store bakery; and clarifying charges at all Scottish sites.

Speaking at the time, Sue Pretty, one of Asda’s Energy Procurement Managers, said: “The ability to choose our water supplier in Scotland gave us the chance to test the market. While costs and service provision were crucial, we were looking for a utility company that offered a proactive approach and excellent customer service.”

By detecting an instance of high water consumption that was found to be a leak, we were able to negotiate a refund for over 7,000m3 of wastewater.

A smooth transition

When it comes to switching water supplier, many companies have voiced concerns that the process can seem daunting and complex. Which is why we’ve developed a streamlined process from our detailed knowledge of the market, to make sure that transfers are seamless.

The switchover period gave us the perfect opportunity to review all aspects of Asda’s supply, from clarifying supply points and removing obsolete meters, to carrying out an intensive data cleanse to verify accurate water consumption and billing figures.

“Switching supplier has enabled us to make sure our house is in order, highlighting anomalies and checking what we’re actually responsible for. Anglian Water Business has been very supportive and accommodating,” says Sue.

In 2012, our Scottish arm won Asda’s New Supplier of the Year, ranking us above the other new suppliers from a broad range of businesses, not just the utility markets.

Multiple benefits

Since our contract began, we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a first-class service. We provide frequent meter and smart meters reads and make sure our billing is prompt, accurate and consistent. We also consolidate the bills, which allows Asda to easily track water usage and costs across all sites.

As well as detecting potential cost savings, we have found instances of overpayments. Through close investigation of historical data, we identified incorrectly billed supplies and metering issues that caused inaccurate bills, leading to significant refunds.

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