Bedford Council

Bedford Borough Council took the first step towards developing a sustainable water strategy by setting a target to reduce their water consumption.

The Mayor signed the Anglian Water Business Promise undertaking to cut water use by 20% by 2015 across all Council buildings.

The need for a strategy

The starting point for managing your resource use is the development of a clear overarching strategy to drive all business initiatives. Committing to a target and an action plan to achieve it, will give direction to the whole organisation and help to prioritise effort.

A formal water strategy will not only help to reduce an organisation’s water footprint and costs but also their carbon footprint and energy costs. This will minimise environmental impact, securing water resources for future generations and reducing the impact of climate change.

Setting targets

Bedford Borough Council has demonstrated its commitment to reducing water usage signing the Anglian Water Business Promise. This publicly states that they will cut water use by 20 per cent by 2015 across all Council buildings (from a 2009/10 baseline).

In so doing, the Council’s wastewater will also reduce by 20%, water-related carbon footprint will come down by 700 tonnes (which will help them meet their target for overall carbon emissions by 40% by 2015), and water and energy costs will be reduced too.

Driving change

Experts from Anglian Water Business carried out checks across 30 of the Council’s buildings to help shape the promise.

The Council will also be working with local residents to help them become more water efficient as well.

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said, at the public signing ceremony: “Water efficiency has always been important to the Council but with the drought risk in our region it is even more important that we all do our bit to conserve water.”

“I am delighted that we will be able to work with Anglian Water Business to help improve our water efficiency as well as providing helpful tips and advice for local residents as well.”

A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business