Long-term sustainable cost reductions and increased efficiencies underpin the ethos of Anglian Water Business

That’s why Betfred’s Estate Manager, Len Hodges, chose to switch water supplier to Anglian Water Business.

The relationship got off to a great start with a seamless transfer and continues to go from strength to strength.

One of the many things that impressed Betfred’s Estate team was our switching process. We have been a leading water retailer in Scotland since 2008 – experience which has seen us undertake more than 50 company transfers with several hundred sites. We’ve also maintained a 100% contract renewal rate, testimony to the high standards of service that we deliver and pride ourselves on. For Betfred, this resulted in the transfer of all 105 outlets in Scotland taking just two weeks.

“The ease and speed in the way Anglian Water Business has managed the transition has been great. Everything they’ve said they’ll do, they’ve done – which, in the utilities market, is very refreshing,” says Len.

Identifying savings

Saving money was a key consideration for Betfred. Not only could we offer a competitive discount for the retail contract, our range of value-added services meant the company could generate significant savings in the short-term whilst developing a longer-term water reduction strategy.

Thanks to our retail sector expertise, we were able to establish relevant benchmarks against average consumption and best practice. We used these to identify and target eight sites where consumption was higher than expected. After investigation, we provided a report detailing our findings and the water efficiency measures to be implemented. Furthermore, we identified 11 sites that would benefit from being metered, saving Betfred an additional £8,000 per year.

The way we invoice our customers also makes a big difference to their bottom line. By combining the bills for all 105 sites and rolling their payments into one single monthly figure, we save Betfred the time and cost of processing multiple invoices.

“We’ve been impressed with the savings Anglian Water Business have helped us to make, from the standing unit charges to the way they bring the bill together, saving us valuable management time and money,” explains Len.

Driving down consumption

As part of our Active Water Management® service, we continually monitor and review Betfred’s consumption. This proactive service is proven to drive down water usage and reduce related costs by identifying sudden increases in consumption, trends that are cause for concern and sites where there is underlying inefficiency. In doing so, we continually find ways that save Betfred money in the long-term by reducing consumption, waste and associated carbon.

Len concludes: “We have nothing but glowing reports for Anglian Water Business. Everything from the start has been easy and we look forward to receiving a consistently good service. You can count us as a very pleased customer.”

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