Cranfield University

Cranfield University is home to nearly 4,500 students and more than 1,500 staff, so every efficiency really counts.

Anglian Water Business began working with the university in 2009 to help them accommodate a growing student population and improve an aging infrastructure; we continue to work closely with them today.

To serve their extensive facilities, the main campus in Bedfordshire has a private water and wastewater network, including a dedicated sewage treatment works.

The need for a strategy

For Cranfield, it was our experience and expertise that made us ideally placed to survey and analyse their water supply. Demand was exceeding the capacity of the campus network, leading to issues with water quality and low pressure resulting in additional costs. Our first task was to evaluate their water mains system, mapping the route of the pipeline and identifying where improvements were needed. We then managed the re-commissioning of some disused water storage facilities, to supplement supply when demand is especially high.

Meeting environmental regulations

The University’s sewage works operates under a permit from the Environment Agency. During high rainfall, complying with the conditions of the permit was challenging. Our specialist process engineers undertook a sampling programme, an evaluation of treatment processes, a structural survey, hydraulic modelling and CCTV investigation of the sewers to suggest solutions. This lead to an upgrade of the works and changes to the treatment processes, which helped to ensure the sewage works didn’t impact on the local environment.

Project management

Much of this work required specialist parts and contractors. Acting on Cranfield’s behalf, we consulted third parties over product specifications and prepared and issued tender documents. We evaluated bids and found the best contractors and suppliers for the work, saving the University valuable time and expense.

We have since project managed other work for the customer, such as helping to implement emergency process measures, organising tankering services and providing support in discussions with the Environment Agency. Delivering results By taking advantage of our experience, Cranfield University is reassured that they are working with a business that can be trusted and that they can seek advice from. They have greater confidence in the security of their supply and their impact on the local environment.

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