East of England Co-op

In the first year of implementing smart meters, East of England Co-Op saved £1,000 on their water bills alone.

Ever mindful of its environmental impact, in 2010 the Co-op launched a company-wide energy policy in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

This included installing automated meter reading devices in all of its operational properties, which is where Anglian Water Business came in.

In November 2012 we began working with Energy Manager Glyn Lee and his team to identify a selection of properties in which to install smart water meters. The business had already installed smart electricity and gas meters, which helped them reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 20% – water was the logical next step.The remit was to target the largest consumers of water – which included a funeral home and a distribution

The remit was to target the largest consumers of water – which included a funeral home and a distribution centre, as well as a selection of supermarket sites.

As Glyn explains, “In properties with a £3,000 a year water bill, a saving of just 10% can give you a positive return on investment in the first year alone.”

How the smart meter works

The smart meters take readings every 15 minutes and upload the data onto the WaterSmart website, which allows customers to monitor consumption and identify unusual spikes in usage. Thanks to this regular data, the Society has been able to get an accurate picture of their water consumption, providing greater confidence in their bills and the ability to significantly reduce consumption, waste and costs.

“Installing smart meters has shown us which sites would most benefit from in-depth site surveys to see exactly where water was being used and how that fed into the wastewater system. We’ve already been able to identify and quickly resolve issues on those sites – simply by looking into the obvious, such as night time water use and fixing leaky taps,” says Glyn.

Small changes, big difference.

The savings made in the first three months of using the smart meters meant that Glyn and his team would reduce their water bills by £1,000 a year. These savings do not factor in or measure the wider carbon savings, in terms of the energy that would have been required to heat, cool or pump that water around the properties.

We will continue to work closely with the East of England Co-operative to help them further reduce water consumption and save money, wherever possible.

Glyn concludes: “In terms of numbers, Anglian Water Business is our largest water supplier. As well as being competitive on price, what really stands out is their excellent business customer service team – that’s a huge benefit to us. We look forward to growing our relationship.”

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