East Renfrewshire Council

We’re helping East Renfrewshire Council to improve water efficiency in their schools with Active Water Management®

Formed in 1996, East Renfrewshire Council lies to the south west of Glasgow and is one of 32 council areas in Scotland. To improve water management and identify potential cost savings, the Council used our Active Water Management® service – which highlighted some unexpected issues.

Establishing the baseline

Initial meter reads were carried out as the first stage of Active Water Management®. Detailed data analysis was carried out and used to benchmark local schools against the national average for water use. This could then be used to monitor consumption.

“It is important to understand customer sites as they can have very varied requirements and setups – they can be anything from a cemetery with a single stand pipe to a very large swimming pool complex”, explains Martin Bryce, account manager at AWB.

Responding to high consumption

High consumption alerts were triggered at three schools, which came as a surprise to Andrew Tweedie, Environment Officer at East Renfrewshire Council.

Andrew said: “We hadn’t expected any issues with any of these sites, but using Active Water Management® we were able to quickly establish what needed to be done. You get a high alert email for a property with data showing what the consumption was and what it is now, cost savings and any issues – all in one simple email.”

Site visits to the schools identified a range of problems, including an underground burst, faulty toilet cisterns and failed controls on urinals.

Real savings achieved

Following the high consumption alerts via Active Water Management® and one week of on-site investigations, the water being lost across the three schools was quantified at 26m3 per day. Without the alerts, these problems would have gone unnoticed, costing more money and wasting clean water.

Andrew concluded: “I would encourage others in local authorities and other public bodies to set a process in place to look for water issues – burst pipes, dripping taps, leaking cisterns etc – because you can, and will, save money.”

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