Great Yarmouth Borough Services

GYB Services Ltd cuts lighting and water costs by £5.5K a year with quick. LED lighting & eco taps improve work environment – payback in 4.36 years.

GYB Services Ltd is a Joint Venture company set up between Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Norse Commercial Services. The company is continually seeking best ways to deliver services in the most cost-effective and efficient way and to return savings back to the council.

As part of the focus on budget control, the company sought to reduce energy and water consumption in its offices and workshops in a non-disruptive way. It tasked Anglian Water Business and its partner SaveMoneyCutCarbon  to survey and present the business case for energy and water saving projects.

The solution

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Consultative Sales team carried out a comprehensive lighting and water survey of the company’s offices, workshop and exterior areas to identify potential savings opportunities.

The team worked with GYB Services’ Asset Manager Michael Stephenson to confirm all the operational and utility costs data. SaveMoneyCutCarbon then generated a full report showing a breakdown of the products, energy and water savings, and return on investment calculations.

GYB Services commissioned SaveMoneyCutCarbon to carry out the project and the installation team, all fully DBS checked, worked closely with Michael Stephenson to ensure minimum disruption to staff and working environments.

The team installed a mixture of Philips LED tubes in Fitzgerald fittings, Red Arrow bulkheads and BG Luceco linear arrays across the offices, kitchens, toilets, workshops and stable. These replaced T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes and 2D bulkheads.

    Typically 65% energy savings and lower maintenance costs
    Perfect for commercial applications
    Linear LED lighting solutions are selected for quality, durability and style

SaveMoneyCutCarbon supplied 19 Kingfisher LED flood lights (30W, 100W and 150W) for exterior lighting, with installation carried out by the council maintenance team.

The LED upgrade will also reduce maintenance costs as the quality fittings have a very long working life, reducing need for replacement.

Payback in under 12 months with eco taps

To maximise water savings, the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team installed 12 Hansgrohe Focus E2 Single Lever Basin Mixer taps which reduced the water flow of 15 litres per minute to 5 lpm with a payback time of under 12 months.

The entire project was scheduled to take two weeks but the team worked extended hours very effectively to ensure the work was completed in one week, which minimised disruption to staff.


  • Annual savings of £5.5K
  • Annual lighting kWh usage reduced by 65%.
  • Total ROI in 4.36 years
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 60%
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business