Greene King

Thanks to some savvy thinking we helped Greene King save £12,500 a year by switching their tariffs.

As the first pub operator and brewer to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard, energy saving has become fundamental to their operations.

When they turned their attention to reducing their water consumption, the Greene King came to Anglian Water Business for assistance.

greene kingUnderstanding the problem

To help Greene King achieve their water reduction target, we outlined a tariff optimisation and benchmarking programme. This would help cut water costs and highlight sites that were consuming more water than they should be.

Tariff optimisation

We carried out a review of water consumption at the 90 sites to ensure that the appropriate tariff was being applied. By identifying areas where tariffs could be switched, we achieved a saving of over £12,500 a year for Greene King.

Our tariff optimisation service is free of charge and designed to ensure the best value for money across each site.


Benchmarking is a management tool designed to identify opportunities for improvement in water efficiency.

Using the information gathered during the tariff optimisation process, we created an anticipated water consumption level for each of the 90 sites. This was measured against actual consumption to reveal any sites with unusually high usage. We then installed smart meters on sites that had unexpectedly high consumption.

Data from the smart meters helped us to identify a pattern of night time water consumption outside of trading hours that was costing the company £11,418 a year, amounting to 16% of their water usage for the previous year. We also carried out water efficiency audits at each site to identify opportunities to use water more efficiently during operations.

This process helped Greene King to improve their employees understanding of water consumption. With an increasingly engaged and aware team, the company is able to use the programme’s findings as the basis for establishing their Corporate Water Strategy and achieving their desired target.

How we can help you

Tariff optimisation and benchmarking are just two of the specialist services we offer to help you optimise water usage and minimise costs. Our dedicated team provides a range of specialist billing, technical and engineering services to assist businesses in many different industries to optimise water use and wastewater operations.


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