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Greene King Belhaven Pubs

Working across over 80 sites in England and 105 sites in Scotland we’ve been helping Greene King to dramatically reduce their year-on-year water consumption.

For Greene King, one of the UK’s leading pub and brewing companies, water conservation is part of a company-wide strategy.

We’ve been working with over 80 of their sites in the Anglian region for many years, helping to dramatically reduce their year-on-year water consumption.

In 2009, when we won the contract to serve all 105 of Greene King’s Belhaven pubs in Scotland too, we began to put in place the same effective conservation measures – with great results.

Throughout the Belhaven pub chain, water is used in food preparation and in customer and staff facilities. When we took over the contract, we immediately set about helping the chain to develop a sustainable water strategy. This involved looking at the tariffs for each site to make sure they were the most cost effective and also carrying out a benchmarking study.

We’ve helped Greene King save 9,500m3 of water per year. That’s enough to fill more than 58,000 beer barrels.

Strong foundations

In a typical benchmark study for such premises, we review water and wastewater use at each site in relation to turnover, floor space, and the ratio of wet and food sales. Data gathered can be compared against average and best practice benchmarks to highlight where consumption is higher than expected to be, identifying where potential cost savings can be made.

From day one, we carried out regular meter readings at every Belhaven site, which helped us to see trends and spikes, and also to provide accurate and consistent billing on fixed bill dates. Where there were instances of high consumption, we worked closely with the management team to identify the problem – and resolve it quickly.

Unrivalled performance

Of course, a successful water conservation strategy depends on the support of every member of staff. We’ve been working closely with the Belhaven managers and contractors to help ensure staff at all levels are aware of and practise effective water management.

Our proactive, results-driven approach has led Belhaven to commit to a three-year contract extension with us. “The service is second to none,” says Ralph Wright, buyer for Greene King.

Through our water conservation strategy, we’ve already helped Greene King save £20,000 in costs per year just in Scotland.

Confident in our ability to reduce water use, Greene King has just signed up to a water pledge to cut overall consumption by 10% by 2016/17 across their sites in Scotland and the Anglian region. Accordingly, the company has commissioned us to complete a baseline study for all retail outlets within Scotland and the Anglian Water supply area.

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