Hewett School

Hewett School benefit from our expert advice to reduce their water bill by around 80%.

The Hewett School in Norwich has made vital savings following our expert advice.

The Hewett School in Norwich suspected it had a substantial leak – the tell-tale signs were there, including an increasing water bill. The size of the school meant they could not easily locate the leak and they were facing an uncertain cost in attempting to find and fix it.

Keen to help the school solve the problem quickly, we developed an innovative funding approach in partnership with the school that would allow them to do this without any upfront costs.

Laying the foundations

It was on World Water Day that Norfolk County Council pledged to reduce their water consumption by 15% over four years. This followed a baselining study of 800 of the council’s sites where we reviewed water and wastewater consumption, providing a better understanding of potential savings and creating a benchmark for further improvements.

This exercise flagged the school as a high water user. Since schools account for 77% of the council’s total water use, helping them to make savings will be crucial for meeting their target.

The school was prioritised for closer investigation and fitted with smart meters to provide a more detailed picture of their water use. The smart meters revealed constant usage at the site indicating a potential leak or faulty equipment.

A helping hand for Hewett School

When preliminary investigations drew a blank, we sent in a specialist assessor to look for ways to help the site become more water efficient. After establishing that there must be a leak somewhere on-site, we sent in our leakage team during the school holidays to identify the culprit – damage to the underground pipework that leads into one of the school buildings.

Our repair team fixed the damaged section of the pipework, while at the same time finding and fixing a smaller leak elsewhere on-site, leading to an immediate drop in consumption of over 90%.

Our efforts reduced the school’s water bill by around 80%.

An innovative approach

Through our gain-share scheme, we paid the upfront costs of the repair work which would later be recouped through the savings achieved. The scheme allows customers to benefit from a reduction in water charges without having to invest any capital.

And there are further savings to be had – with the school’s lower consumption we advised that they could switch tariffs, potentially saving even more.

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