HMP Ranby

HMP Ranby has significantly reduced its water consumption following timely assistance from Anglian Water Business.

Custodial sites throughout the UK are looking to implement water efficiencies. Not only does this help the environment, it also assists in the crucial role of reducing public costs. HMP Ranby has significantly reduced its water consumption following timely assistance from Anglian Water Business.

HMP Ranby is located in Nottinghamshire and houses just over 1,000 category C prisoners. Spread out over an extensive site, the prison provides training, work and resettlement services as prisoners move toward their eventual release.

As a designated working prison, activities on-site include plastic injection moulding, industrial cleaning and polymer processing. As a result, the site uses high volumes of water. One of its high water use operations is the laundry, which ensures sufficient supplies of clean bedding and clothes for prisoners.

A new laundry was installed to combat high energy and water costs, but it encountered operational difficulties as a result of low water pressure. Amey, who provide facilities management services to the prison, suspected an underground leak and asked us to investigate it.

A problem shared is a problem solved

We examined water pressure and undertook some historical analysis to review water consumption patterns. We found out that, despite the upgrade and various efficiency measures, the facility’s water consumption was continuously rising. Even when the laundry was temporarily closed, the consumption didn’t drop as much as expected, which confirmed a leak.

Colin Unwin of Amey commented: “With large quantities of laundry that need cleaning on a frequent basis, water costs can escalate operational budgets. It’s been very beneficial for us to work with Anglian Water Business on identifying water saving opportunities and implementing them’’.

Although the existence of a leak was confirmed, its location was not obvious so various tests had to be carried out. After further investigations, we found the cause – a burst main that was running at full capacity – then worked alongside Amey to fix it.

Small cost – big savings

At a cost of just over £2,000, the resulting repair has led to a £141,000 reduction in the prison’s annual water costs.

We are now working closely with Amey and the East Midlands Prison Service to reduce their water consumption across three other prison sites in the Anglian region. When implemented, the recommended measures will cut water costs by up to a third across all three sites.

We are experts in finding and fixing wasteful leaks.

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