Hotel du Vin & Malmaison group

The luxury hotel chain’s UK-wide, multi-site, single-contract solution means projected annual savings of more than £75,000.

Founded in 1994, luxury hotel chain Malmaison and Hotel du Vin offer discerning guests a collection of boutique accommodation in 33 locations across the UK. As the chain has grown in size, so has its need to streamline the administration and billing process for its water and wastewater services, reducing consumption and water costs across the group.

In 2016 the Malmaison and Hotel du Vin group reviewed its water and wastewater provision, looking to make efficiencies, monitor consumption and to consolidate billing. This led to the group signing a ground-breaking national water supply contract with Anglian Water Business.

A UK first 

The contract, brokered by Inprova Energy, was the first UK-wide, single-contract multi-site deal to leverage the benefits of market reform. The deal provides immediate savings for the group and is projected to see annual savings rise to more than £75,000 following market opening in April 2017.

Savings through innovation and technology 

Having thoroughly reviewed the group’s requirements, we were able to offer substantial savings through a combination of lower tariffs, consolidated billing and a range of efficiency measures, from energy audits to the installation of automated meter reading (AMR) devices in every hotel.

Peter Gaskell, business account team manager for Anglian Water Business, explains: “We were able to identify clear savings and increased efficiencies for Hotel Du Vin and Malmaison sites nationally. Our Active Water Management® service ensures substantial savings throughout the chain, while our consolidated billing and outstanding customer service mean improved efficiencies, added value and a simplified process.”

Leading value and service levels 

The contract with Malmaison and Hotel du Vin was secured after an extensive six-way competitive tender process. This resulted in an innovative contract delivering both tariff savings and dramatically improved value and service levels across their growing UK portfolio of distinctive hotels.

Opportunities to save 

Businesses in Scotland have benefitted from a de-regulated water market since 2008. Since April 2017, non-household sites in England are able to negotiate new arrangements for their water and wastewater supplies.

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