We’re working with Starwood Hotels to reduce their energy consumption by 30% and water consumption by 20%.

Starwood Hotels is one of the world’s largest hotel companies. They own, operate and franchise over 1,100 properties, with a total of 335,000 rooms.

In 2009 Starwood launched a partnership with Conservation International. The global environmental non-profit organisation helped Starwood set up an environmental strategy, complete with performance targets and actions to reach specific goals. Part of this was a long-term commitment to reduce energy consumption by 30% per available room and water consumption by 20% by 2020 (’30/20 by 20′). It’s a target we are helping the company to achieve at their two sites in Scotland.

For Angela Tomlinson, Regional Director of Supply Chain for Western Europe, having proactive suppliers is crucial to the smooth running of the hotel business. It’s also one of the key reasons Starwood made the switch to us in 2009.

“When it comes to supply chains for hotels, we have a huge array of subjects to manage, from purchasing food and beverages, through to healthcare and utilities. There were a few water companies we could have chosen – but thanks to its hands-on approach, Anglian Water Business stood out.”

Understanding water consumption

We work with Starwood’s two Scotland-based hotels; the Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort in Ayrshire, and The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh. The hotels’ water consumption can be split into key areas: food preparation and bar areas; cleaning and hygiene; guest rooms and leisure facilities, including swimming pools and spas.

A productive partnership

Over the last four years, we have been working closely with Starwood and their integral facilities management contractor – Serco – to help raise awareness of water use at its different locations, conservation opportunities and methods.

We began by establishing a baseline, taking into account historic consumption and monitoring current levels. We made sure they had the right meters in place and used smart meter readings to help us provide more accurate billing. From the outset, we’ve also monitored water usage so we can be quick to identify leaks or other anomalies if we see unusual consumption patterns.

“Anglian Water Business has achieved some great results. And even though they are our supplier in Scotland, we will tap into their expertise to help resolve issues with other water companies around the country,” Angela explains.

Achieving results

To help keep the company on target for its ’30/20 by 20′ environmental plan, we hold regular account meetings to identify further areas to cut or conserve water usage. We have identified specific opportunities to reduce water consumption at different locations around the Starwood sites and trained the engineers to analyse Average Daily Consumption reports, using the data to spot unusual increases.

We’ve also recommended and implemented tariff reductions to save the hotels money.

Angela adds, “I know that if I ask Anglian Water Business to do something it’s done. That’s why I would – and have – recommended them to other businesses.”


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