Using Active Water Management ® services helped solve high water consumption at two pavilions.

Our Active Water Management ® service was able, through quarterly usage reports, to identify that consumption on the meter for Pavilion Two had risen by 122%, from 1.9m3 per day to 4.3m3 per day. We were able to notify our customer and our account manager went to site to perform a HCI.

Finding the fault

After this site investigation found issues inside the property, their in-house maintenance team were able to complete repairs to a faulty toilet cistern on the ground floor of pavilion two. As a result of the identification of high usage at the pavilion, the customer also found similar issues of a ground floor urinal constantly flushing were occurring at the neighbouring pavilion three.

Significant savings

As a result of the Active Water Management® report and maintenance repairs, TechnipFMC put a new programme in place for maintenance staff to check every tap and cistern on a regular basis, across all of their sites.

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