Trump Turnberry Resort

Trump Turnberry installed Active Water Management (AMR) in April 2016 at their impressive Trump Turnberry clubhouse and academy buildings. From then, they have been able to benchmark their average water usage and maximise use of all of their amenities and resources.

Recently, AMR alerted us to high consumption readings and Trump Turnberry wasted little time in conducting stop tap tests. This, together with high level site surveys, helped Trump Turnberry identify site issues.

We were able to immediately review data after each test to quantify results, feeding back to Trump Turnberry. Working in partnership meant the problem was identified as a suspected underground leak. Trump Turnberry were able to excavate part of the site to find the leak and carry out repairs successfully.

Our account manager and support team also worked with Scottish Water to ensure that Trump Turnberry were granted a leakage allowance, of 1793m3, amounting to £2,456.

Following the repair, Trump Turnberry asked for our help to set new parameters for analysis across their portfolio so that they can identify and investigate instances of high consumption as effectively and timely as this across all sites.

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