Ways to pay

When you get your bill, we want to make paying it as easy as possible. Just choose the ways to pay that are suitable for you.

Online telephone banking

To set up online or telephone banking, contact your bank or building society. To pay your water bill you’ll need to give your bank the following information:

Our bank account number: 33298760
Our new sort code: 20-43-71 *
Your ten digit account number: look on the front of your bill
How much to pay: this is shown as Total Amount Due on your water bill

*Due to a change in the banking industry, we have been required to change our sort code. If you have paid the using the old sort code (20-43-63) recently, you may receive a note from your bank informing you that this is incorrect. There’s no need to be alarmed by this, your payment will still reach us, but please use the above details for future payments.

Direct Debit

Direct debit is simple, safe and convenient to use and means you can spread the cost of your bills over the year. You can set up monthly payments from your bank or building society now. You can also set up an ‘on demand’ direct debit to take the full amount after your bill is produced.

All you have to do is have your bank details and your ten digit Anglian Water Business account number ready (your account number can be found on your bill), then give us a call on 03450 704158.

There’s no charge for this service.

Debit or credit card

We accept payments using any debit or credit card. Just make sure to have your bank details and account number ready for when you give us a call on 03450 704158.

By post

Make cheques payable to ‘Anglian Water Business National Ltd’, write your account number on the back and send to:

Anglian Water Business
PO Box 259
S98 1QU


Please send payment remittances to contactus@anglianwaterbusiness.co.uk.

*We will not charge you if you choose to pay by credit card, however please be aware that by making a payment by credit card, you may incur interest on your outstanding credit card balance (depending on your credit card providers terms and conditions) and this may effectively increase the amount you pay. We will only accept payments from the authorised card user, therefore please ensure that you are authorised to make a payment by credit card.

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