WATRS code of conduct

The redress scheme will be free of charge to our customers.

We support the principles set out by the redress scheme as follows:

Independence It will be independent of water companies and other stakeholder (e.g. a customer advocate) with a conflict of interest.
Fairness and impartiality It will be able to take a neutral, objective and balanced view, and deliver outcomes based on clear policy/rules.
Proportionality It will undertake analysis and make decisions proportionate to the scale and nature of the problem.
Consistency It will ensure that decisions are clear and consistent from case to case.
Transparency It will ensure that decisions are public so that they are seen to be made without prejudice; highlight systematic failings in policy or practice; have a deterrent effect and drive service improvements. The process will, however, maintain the confidentiality of individual complainants.
Effectiveness It will meet its objectives and do so in a way that provides value-for-money through cost-effective,timely delivery.
Accountability It will be monitored and tested to ensure that it delivers efficient and effective outcomes for consumers, and that it is accountable to its users and the water industry.
Accessibility It will be available to a wide range of complainants and easily available to consumers with different needs through the most appropriate channel (for example telephone, email, website and letter); and it will ensure that its role is made clear so that consumers understand the process and know who to contact.


  • We will respect the independence of the scheme provider – CEDR
  • We agree to be bound by the decision of the schemes adjudicator if accepted by the customer and we will implement decisions as required by the rules.
  • We will co-operate with and have due regard to recommendations of the scheme adjudication panel.
  • We will provide accurate and reliable information to and co-operate with the scheme adjudicators.
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