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Gas emergency procedures

What to do and who to contact if you have a a gas emergency.

Gas leak emergency procedure

If you smell gas or think you have a gas emergency please call the free Gas Emergency Services line immediately on 0800 111 999.

If your site has been made safe but you are off gas and need to have it reinstated please check your meter to establish who the Meter Asset Manager is (MAM).

The following numbers are the MAMs that own meters supplied by Anglian Water Business:

National Grid Metering:

• Industrial and Commercial Meters: 0870 0600 005
• Domestic Meter (U6): 0844 288 3030 or 0845 527 9330

British Gas: 0800 975 5555
Capital Meters Ltd: 0845 308 8693
Energy Assets: 0844 288 3030 or 01506 405 405
ECO (UKME): 0141 249 3999
Energetic: 0845 055 9174
Envoy: 02920 314 043
Exoteric Gas Solutions (EGS): 0845 270 3888
Gas Transportation Company: 01359 240 363 add option 1
Independent Pipelines (IGT): 02920 314 043
Meter Fit North East/West: 0330 123 0629
SGN (I&C): 0800 9800 411
SSE Pipeline (C-SEP): 0800 052 5252

If the gas escape is on the incoming pipe or roadside, call 0845 605 6677.

Gas escapes

Operate any electrical switches (on or off)
Smoke or use a naked flame

Open doors and/or windows to ventilate the area
Check your gas appliances and turn them off
Turn the gas supply off at the main meter/or Emergency Control Valve, unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement
Telephone the National Grid Emergency Service on 0800 111 999
Inform Anglian Water Business of the circumstances on 0844 351 2011


If there is a fire on the premises:

IMMEDIATELY activate the fire alarm, evacuating premises
TELEPHONE the Fire Brigade
ISOLATE the gas supply at the main meter if safe to do so
TELEPHONE National Grid Emergency Services on 0800 111 999
INFORM Anglian Water Business of the circumstances on 0844 351 2011

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