If you suspect a leak, act fast to avoid high water bills, disruption to your business and damage to your site.

If you’ve noticed an unusual rise in your water consumption and can’t find a reason for it, it is possible that you have a leak on one of your underground water pipes.

Look out for the signs of leaks:

  • unusually high meter readings and water bills
  • reduced water pressure
  • damp patches on the ground
  • sound of running water or noisy pipework
  • lush vegetation during particularly dry periods

If your premises have a metered supply and you suspect that there’s a leak, you can compare meter reading over a quiet period or when the water is switched off completely. If there’s a higher consumption than usual, this could indicate a leak.

Who’s responsible for fixing a water leak?

The responsibility for repairing the leak depends on where it is.

It’s your responsibility to fix the leak if it is located on one of the following:

  • Your internal pipe, which is a network of underground water distribution pipes on your premises.
  • Your supply pipe, which will generally run between your water meter, usually on the boundary of your premises, and the first point of entry of water into your building.

If the leak is on the mains network (pipes in roads, footpaths and the service strip to the boundary of your premises), this is the water company’s responsibility. Please contact your water company direct to address the leak.

If a water pipe bursts on your premises

  • turn off the stop tap
  • turn on all the taps to drain your water system
  • switch off your heating
  • turn off your electricity at the mains if any wiring or switches have been affected by water
  • call a plumber

Leak detection and repair

We are experts at finding hidden leaks and we can provide a specialist leakage service to find and fix leaks on your site. This can help you to continue operating efficiently, keep your costs down and prevent unnecessary wastage.

If you suspect that you might have a leak on your premises, find out more about our Leakage Find & Fix service or call:

Customers is England: 0345 070 4158
Customers in Scotland: 0131 225 1919

Need a plumber?

Visit needaplumber.org to find a licensed plumber. WRAS also provide guidance on how you can ensure that any fixtures and fittings comply with English and Scottish Bylaws.

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