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East of England

The right tariff helps you get the best value from our water and sewerage services, here are our default tariffs applying to our customers in the East of England.

The following default tariffs apply to the East of England customers*:


Tariff group Amount of water used 2017/2018 tariffs


Streamline tariffs are for those using up to 10,000 m³ of water per year Streamline Green

Streamline Orange

Streamline Blue

Profile Profile tariffs are compulsory for those using more than 10,000m³ of water per year Profile

Profile Plus

Profile  Interruptible

Profile Industrial Non- Potable

Unmeasured Unmeasured tariffs apply when there is no water meter Unmeasured


*These are the maximum rates we can charge for standard services for customers within Anglian Water’s wholesale area.

Our charges cover water and sewerage, which includes drainage. The amount charged varies depending which tariff you choose. All metered charges include a fixed and a volumetric charge and charges for larger customers (using more than 10,000 m³ of water a year) include a maximum daily demand charge. If there’s no meter, your charges are based on the Rateable Value (RV) of the property or are assessed

These charges are revised each year based on the requirements set by our regulator, Ofwat. Full details of our charges scheme can be found here. All charges are valid from 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018. All charges shown are exclusive of VAT.

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