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Charges are for water services only (sewerage services are provided by Northumbrian Water Ltd).


Your tariff will depend on the amount of you use and consist  of a fixed charge and volumetric charge per cubic metre.

Amount of water used annually Fixed charge Volumetric charge per m³  MDD charge per m³
Up to 50,000m³ –  Streamline HTL tariff £52.00 £0.8993  n/a
More than 50,000m³ – Profile HTL tariff £2,468.50 £0.2101 £94.00


Charges for properties with no water meters will be calculated as follows:

Charges 2017-18 Water
Fixed charge – Rateable value £150.65
A charge per pound of the property’s RV n/a


Charges 2017-18 Water
Fixed charge £52.00
Assessed volume £0.8993
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business