Maximum Daily Demand

Maximum Daily Demand (MDD) is a peak usage charge that many utility companies use to manage periods of higher than average demand and impact on the supply network.

Your MDD charge is based on the maximum daily volume of water that you’re likely to use. It is fixed for a year, subject to your supply not exceeding this level without prior written consent.

Why have the MDD charge?

Water companies have to maintain enough network capacity to make sure that all their customers have access to the water they need. It’s more expensive to serve customers who have large peaks compared to those with a flatter, more constant demand profile. That’s why customers who create a high demand on the infrastructure are correspondingly charged more for that demand. By managing demand in this way, we can serve more customers within the existing infrastructure and keep charges for all customers lower than they would otherwise be.

A customer that takes high volumes of water over a short period can potentially cause others to lose pressure. If your MDD limit is set at the correct level, you should be able to work within your peaks and troughs without impacting on other customers in the area.

Will I have a MDD charge?

Non-household customers within the Anglian Water region that use, more than 10,000m³ of water a year or over 100m³ of water per day will be charged one of our Profile tariffs. Profile tariffs consist of three elements:

1. An annual fixed charge
2. A volumetric charge per cubic metre of water used
3. A Maximum Daily Demand (MDD) charge per cubic metre of water used.

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