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Charges for 2019-20

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Charges for 2018-19

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Live RV: The way in which your water and waste water charges are calculated is changing

Some of your water and wastewater charges are calculated using Rateable Value (RV). This could be if you do not have a water meter fitted (unmeasured water and wastewater charges) or where property and roads drainage charges are applied.

In December 2016, the Scottish Government confirmed that from 1 April 2018 your charges will be calculated using the same Rateable Value used for your business rates. This is known as the Live Rateable Value (Live RV). Prior to this change, a historic RV value has been used. This change by the Scottish Government is intended to make RV-based charging fairer for all customers.

Non-transitioning and transitioning SPIDs

Some Supply Point IDs (SPIDs) will have RV charges based solely on the Live RV from 1 April 2018. They are known as non-transitioning SPIDs. Non-transitioning SPIDs are where new SPIDs have been created since 1 April 2017 for example, as a result of a new build or conversion, a gap site added to the market or new SPIDs created through SPID splits or mergers. Also, if the site started or completed a redevelopment since 1 April 2017, then the SPID will be classed as non-transitioning.

Others will have the change to Live RV charging phased in over three years and these are known as transitioning SPIDs. All other SPIDs created prior to 1 April 2017 that are not subject to any of the non-transitioning criteria, will follow the same phased (transitioning) charging glide path shown on page 7 of our tariff charges booklet. This is used to ensure that all transitioning SPIDs have the changes phased in equal cash amounts.

Across all SPIDs in Scotland, this change to unmeasured charging is cost neutral. As a consequence, some SPIDs will be charged more and some will be charged less when comparing bills before and after 1 April 2018.

Should you have any questions on your tariffs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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