If you need to disconnect from a water supply we can help.

There are two types of disconnections; temporary or permanent.

Temporary disconnection

A temporary disconnection is normally requested when a supply is not needed for a period of time. For example, when your property is undergoing renovations or temporary building works. In this instance, the supply is shut off at the wholesaler’s stop tap which is usually at the property boundary.

Permanent Disconnection

A permanent disconnection is where the pipe that connects your property to the public water supply from the wholesaler’s water main is physically removed. As a result, this supply can no longer be used. If another supply is required, you will need to submit a new connection application. In this instance, additional charges will apply.

If you require a disconnection (whether it be temporary or permanent) we will need you to provide some information:

  • Details of your property (full address and SPIDs)
  • Type of disconnection you require
  • Whether your property has a meter and if so, the meter serial number
  • Whether you own the property, or have consent from the owner to disconnect the supply
  • When you’d like the work to take place – either during normal business hours or out of hours


To request a disconnection, please contact us on 03450 704158.
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