If you need reconnections to a water supply, we can help.

If a supply was temporarily disconnected for the purpose of renovations or temporary building works at your property, you can apply to have the supply reconnected. This will involve the restriction at the wholesaler’s stop tap being removed which will restore the supply.

What will it cost?

The charge for either type of disconnection is dependent on the work involved, such as alterations or requirement for an excavation, for example. Reconnection of your water supply, may also incur a charge. In the instance or reconnecting a supply, there may also be a charge. When the wholesaler surveys your property, they will determine if any charges are applicable and will provide a quote, which you will need to agree to and pay before the work can go ahead.

Please note that you are not allowed to disconnect the water supply yourself. The work to disconnect or reconnect a supply must be carried out either by the wholesaler in your area or by an accredited entity. You will remain liable for water charges if you remove a meter or disconnect the supply yourself.

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