Replacement bill FAQs

You may have recently had a bill from us, and then received another bill with a letter explaining that it supersedes the previous bill. This is because:

  • We’ve received an additional meter read – either from your wholesaler or our meter reader – and, having applied this to your bill, this resulted in a credit or debit on your account; or
  • You provided us with a customer read in the summer and due to an issue with our system, this has taken a little time to apply to your account.

Here are answers to some queries you might find useful:

1. I’m now in debit and I am worried about paying

Contact us and we can put you in touch with our credit control team who can support you with payment options.

2. I have a large credit on my bill, how do I get this back?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to ensure you’ve got the average balance of your bill covered, and then we can refund the difference.

3. The meter read you have quoted on my bill is incorrect or I have a more recent read

You can submit your own read online through MyWater, if you provide your own read with a clear photograph of the meter serial number and meter reading we will recalculate your bill based on the latest bill and re-issue.

You can get in touch with us either via email at or on 0345 070 4158.

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