Automated gas meter readings

Lower costs with automated meter readings

Better energy management starts with better measurement and monitoring. Our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) service lets you monitor your natural gas consumption far more accurately than ever before.

Estimated bills are a thing of the past with AMR, which gives you access to precise, half-hourly usage data.

Why switch to AMR?

With the exact information you need ‐ exactly when you need it ‐ you’re firmly in control. You can improve efficiency, manage costs and be sure you’re only paying for what you use.

A cost-effective tool, AMR allows you to:

  • forget about estimated bills ‐ every invoice is measured and accurate
  • forecast demand, easily anticipate and verify costs
  • establish better procurement options
  • remove the need to provide access to meter reading agencies
  • more easily meet legislative requirements
  • prove your company’s energy efficiency and environmental credentials
  • monitor and eliminate waste

How does it work?

Your AMR device connects to your gas meter and records the volume of gas passing through the meter. Every day, your meter transmits 48 reads via SMS. You can access this data securely via MyEnergy on our customer portal.


View your exact usage and manage energy consumption with AMR and MyEnergy ‐ all you need is internet access. Our secure and simple online reporting tool, accessible via our customer portal, lets you see at a glance whether a site or group of sites is using energy as expected. If usage goes above target, you’ll be alerted, while easy-to-use analysis and comparison features help you identify ways to improve energy efficiency.

Getting started is easy

Setting AMR up is simple and quick, and if needed, we’ll exchange your meter free of charge at a time that is convenient to you (your supply will typically be off for less than half an hour whilst we do this).

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