Energy audits

identify opportunities to save energy and money

A key part of saving energy and water is examining your usage to identify improvement opportunities 

Companies often forget there’s an intrinsic link between water, energy and carbon. We make it easy to generate a business case for saving both water and energy, by providing a complete audit and performance measurement of all your water and energy usage.

Complete energy and water audits together for a more comprehensive approach to efficiency. Our water and energy saving audits highlight the opportunities available to you from simple measures such as the installation of tap aerators, water-saving shower heads and LED lighting. We carry out a detailed, independent audit of your site, generating a full report, complete with product specifications and ROI calculations. You’ll get a comprehensive, tailored business case for investment.

How do we deliver this service?

Our water and energy savings services are delivered in partnership with resource efficiency experts SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are lighting, water and building controls experts with UK-wide survey and fitting teams. They are veterans, with experience of over 100 lighting and water efficiency projects, as well as being approved suppliers of Green Tourism and The Carbon Trust.

Tailored to your business needs, the service can include:

  • detailed flow measurement of current water fittings
  • detailed measurement of your lighting (wattage and burn hours)
  • accurate quantification and detailing of current water and energy fittings
  • agreed performance assumptions for accurate payback calculations including energy and water costs
  • recommended product specifications to allow detailed ROI calculation and tender document creation
  • exploration of eligibility for funding from sources such as Salix (100% interest free loans for the Public Sector) or Enhanced Capital Allowances

Providing an end-to-end solution

Surveying is only the beginning of the journey in terms of water and energy efficiency. We provide a range of services to help you the whole way – from identifying an opportunity, through to tender, installation and monitoring results.

Talk to us to see how we can help save your business energy and money.

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