We offer expert advice on whether your proposed activity is subject to wastewater regulations and what kind of permissions you will need. We’ll even help you with the application process.


If you intend to carry out any activity that may affect the environment, you must abide by certain wastewater regulations and, if necessary, obtain authorisation to proceed. These activities may include discharges, diffuse pollution, abstractions, certain engineering works and impact on groundwater.

We offer help on planned activities that may pose a risk to the aquatic environment, ensuring your business stays compliant. We also provide expert advice on whether the proposed activity is subject to regulation, and what kind of permissions you will need.

Trade effluent (TE) consent

To discharge trade effluent to a sewer, your business will need to obtain trade effluent discharge consent from the wholesaler. The wholesaler will apply standards or restrictions to the flow, strength and character of your discharge.

These restrictions form part of your trade effluent consent. They ensure the safety of the sewage workers, to preserve the sewers and allow the sewage works to process the effluent successfully, simplifying compliance in final discharge to a watercourse.

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