Laundry washing service benefiting from services with us as their water retailer


If you want to save money on your water bills and improve efficiency, we can help

Switch to us for reliable and responsive water services.

We can help you reduce your operational costs and your environmental impact.

We’re experts in water supply and efficiency. Our expertise is built on delivering reliable water supplies in one of the UK’s driest regions.

That heritage means we understand how to maximise resources – including traditional water retailer services, boreholes and greywater – so you can rely on us to help you manage and reduce your water use.

How will we help you maximise efficiency and reduce costs?

Our experts can:

  • help you prepare your water strategy
  • work with you to develop a business continuity plan
  • monitor and analyse your water use as part of our Active Water Management service, helping you identify ways to reduce it
  • cut waste with our Leakage Find & Fix services
  • signpost you to funding options for investment-free asset improvements
  • suggest innovative technologies to help you save water

We can help you save.

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Case Studies


Consolidated billing and Active Water Management ® have helped Betfred save money and reduce consumption, waste and associated carbon

East of England Co-op

In the first year of implementing smart meters, East of England Co-Op saved £1,000 on their water bills alone
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business