Alternative water sources

There are many options to explore when it comes to finding alternative water sources and together with our group partner Alpheus, we can help you find the right one.

There are many different options for alternative water sources, which can yield both financial and environmental benefits. Boreholes and greywater recycling are the main ones, but talk to our expert technical team to find the best solution for you.


Borehole water is cheaper than mains water. We work with a specialist contractor to carryout borehole condition assessments.

This service includes:

  • preparation of risk assessment and method statements prior to commencement of work
  • liaison with the Environment Agency and Local Council regarding temporary river discharge requirements
  • air-lift and tankering away of any sediments that may have been accumulated in boreholes
  • inspection and advice if the existing borehole pumps are fit for re-use
  • CCTV survey of borehole
  • step test and constant rate test for the borehole, using temporary pumping equipment
  • grain lithological and water quality analyses for borehole
  • project management and support for all borehole test activities

Greywater Recycling

Greywater is essentially recycled water. It can be used when potable water quality is not required, although typically some treatment will still be required prior to using it.

We’ll work with you to see if greywater recycling is the right solution for you. This includes undertaking an environmental and financial feasibility exercise.

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