Checking for a leak

Internal leaks

To check for a water leak inside your property, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure all appliances that use water are turned off, but leave the internal stop tap open.
  2. Locate and read the meter prior to a period of no water use, such as overnight when no-one is on the premises.
  3. Recheck the meter in the morning.
  4. If the reading is the same there is no internal leakage.
  5. If the reading differs, you could have a leak or a faulty appliance.
  6. To locate the leak, check internal pipe joints, appliances, fittings and warning pipes. Some leaks can, however, be difficult to find; for example, cisterns that leak into the toilet bowl.

External leaks

To determine whether you have a water leak on your service pipe between the stop tap and the water meter, follow the steps below. The test requires that the water supply is turned off for a short time so you will either need to notify staff or do it during a period when it will cause minimum disruption.

  1. First, locate your meter (the main meter is normally in the footpath outside/close to the boundary of the property). Open the meter chamber and bail out any surface water that may have collected in the chamber.
  2. Next, locate your internal stop tap (this is normally positioned where the service pipe enters the building). Close the stop by turning it clockwise. Note that taps can become stuck after long periods of disuse. If the tap is difficult to turn, do not force it as it might break. Call a plumber for assistance.
  3. To see whether the meter dial is still moving after the stop tap has been closed, record the meter reading.
  4. Keep the stop tap closed and take a second reading an hour later.
  5. Subtract the first reading from the second reading to give you the volume of water lost per hour from underground leakage.

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