Our technical team are water experts

Technical advice

You can count on our technical team to provide your business or organisation with expert water and wastewater solutions.

Our highly experienced technical consultancy team can provide expert advice on wide range of areas including:

Water supply

We’ve got experience in working on a range of projects including water storage optimisation, new supply delivery and design and benchmarking.

Wastewater treatment

Together with our group partner Alpheus, we can design, build and operate effluent treatment plants to suit your specific needs. The benefits of our holistic and conscientious approach include reduced costs, reduced risk for environmental and regulatory compliance and enhanced business resilience.

Effluent reuse

Water re-use is a smart option for a sustainable water source. We’ll investigate options for water re-use and identify the most effective and efficient solutions.

Full solution design, delivery, operation & maintenance

We offer full solution design and delivery, as well as options for operation and maintenance (O&M). Working as an integrated supplier with our partner, Alpheus Environmental, which has more than 20 years’ experience in the solution delivery and operation business, we offer combined expertise and experience that delivers market-leading, efficient solutions for all water and wastewater requirements.

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