water efficiency services are especially important in industries like agriculture, with activities like irrigation

Water efficiency

When we talk about making savings, you can be sure we’re speaking from experience. Our expertise in water efficiency is built on managing water supply in the driest region in the country, so we know a thing or two about doing more with less.

From smart metering through to expert technical advice to help you manage your water use, you can be confident that our water efficiency services cover everything you need to help you use less water. That’s good for the environment and your bottom line too.

Leakage Find & Fix

We can help you operate more efficiently and reduce your costs by protecting you from unnecessary wastage with our Leakage Find & Fix service.

We’re experts in finding hidden leaks and can provide a specialist leak detection service to find and fix leaks on your site no matter where you are in the country.  Sign up to our Leakage Find & Fix service.

Smart Metering

When you’re informed about your water use, you’re in a much better position to reduce it. Our Smart Metering service (also known as data logging) will enable you to access detailed information about your site’s water usage online and track it over time.

Find out about our Smart Metering service.

Alternative water sources

Would you like to reduce your water costs by using alternative water sources such as direct river and borehole abstraction? We can help.

With our assistance, you can explore the potential environmental constraints, plant and equipment requirements and operational considerations. We can compare capital investment and operational costs against savings to help you make informed decisions. We can even carry out borehole water quality analysis and develop a maintenance schedule for you, enabling you to ensure your alternative water source is sustainable, reliable and in good condition.  Find out more about alternative water sources.

Expert technical advice

We’re here to support you with performance and environmental improvements with our proven technical expertise.

Our team of experienced technical engineers are experts in identifying issues, such as poor on-site treatment plant performance.  They can also help you implement targeted change, by analysing the options for putting in place additional capacity to meet any increased production requirements.

You can trust us to evaluate your business requirements, provide tender documentation and develop an outline performance specification, enabling you to maximise value from your contractors.

You can also rely on us for ongoing project management and support with compliance matters, including health & safety and environmental requirements.

Why not find out more about our technical advice service.

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