Audits & investigations

We can help you save money and find new ways to use less water.

Water efficiency audits

By assessing your ‘domestic’ water use on site, such as toilets, taps, kitchens and cleaning facilities, we can help you identify ways to save water. We’ll even help you understand what those savings mean for you in financial and volumetric terms.

The process is simple. One of our water efficiency assessors will review your current water consumption and specific aspects of your water installation including:

  • an analysis of meter readings to determine current water consumption patterns
  • identification of site sub-metering
  • assessment of any possible water leakage both above and below ground
  • a general inspection of domestic water systems
  • an assessment of urinal cistern control mechanisms
  • feedback on any water management procedures you may need to consider
  • summary of the potential water, carbon and water-related power savings you could make.

Process water efficiency audits

We can also help you identify potential optimisation opportunities and water savings across all your site-based production and operational processes. Using their expertise and experience, one of our industrial engineers will carry out a thorough and realistic review, engaging with your own team to ensure our conclusions are informed and our recommendations are commercially viable. We will then work with you to determine the next steps.

Energy efficiency audits

We recommend to complete water and energy audits together for a more holistic approach to efficiency. Find out why and how we can help assist you with energy audits.

Case studies


Our proactive approach helps spot faulty equipment saving Esso £35,000 a year in charges.

HMP Ranby

With an investment of just £2,000, HMP Ranby reduced its annual water costs by £141,000
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business