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Market competition

The retail water market has changed in England, giving business customers (businesses, charities and the public sector) more choice and value than ever.

We know that change can be unsettling, that’s why we’re committed to helping you understand how changes to the retail water market for England affect you.

If you’re a business, a charity or a public sector organisation in England, you can expect more choice and value than ever before by switching to us.

Historically, you could only switch supplier if you were using more than 5,000m³ of water per year.  However, since 1 April 2017, if you’re based in England you’re now able to choose your supplier, based on price, value, service and reliability.

Here are just a few of the benefits we can offer you:

  • better service
  • a wide range of innovative efficiency solutions
  • greater value for money
  • sustainable savings through reduced consumption and waste minimisation

We know that we can offer you these benefits because:

  • we supply 29% of the market in Scotland
  • we supply the majority of the public sector in Scotland
  • we were the first English retailer to apply for a licence in Scotland in 2008
  • we supply over 130,000 organisations across England and Scotland
  • our experience in Scotland has given us a proven track record of transferring customers
  • we’ve continuously refined our services to make sure we can meet your needs.

If you’re a business, charity or public sector organisation in Wales you will only be able to switch water suppliers if you use more than 50 million litres of water per year.

Experience you can rely on

Confidence comes with knowing that your supplier is ahead of the game, and we are.

We’ve been getting ready for the open market in England for a number of years. Our senior team has been instrumental in ensuring we have the operational capability that’s needed in the new market.

What that means for you is complete peace of mind.  By choosing us, you can be confident of a partner with the resources, service and technologies that will help you save money and reduce consumption.

Ready to switch?

It couldn’t be simpler. One quick call to 03450 704158 will start the ball rolling for you.

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