Business owner switching water supplier online

Switching supplier

Switching water supplier is now an option for businesses in England after changes were made to the English water retail market.

Whilst businesses who use more than 5,000m3 (or five million litres) of water per year have been able to switch their water supplier for some time now, most businesses in England haven’t had this option – that has changed.

How the opening up of the market in England works

Competition in the water market allows businesses to switch their water and sewerage retailer, giving you the freedom to find the best supplier to suit your business needs.

Wholesalers provide the water and sewerage services to retailers, who then sell these services to business customers.

Retailers now compete with each other by offering the best deal and eligible customers can choose which retailer to buy water and sewerage services from.

More information about changing your water supplier and the opening of the business retail market can be found on the Ofwat website or you can visit the Open Water website.

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