Switch to us - we're a different water supplier from our competitors

What makes us different

We believe that we are truly different from other water retailers – in the right way. Here’s how and why it matters to you.

Expect more from your water supplier

You may think all retailers are much the same, but you can trust us to be different.

We can bring you lasting savings and genuine value.

How can we help?

We can help you reduce the amount of water and energy you use, and save you money.

How? By constantly working hard to combine great value pricing with cost-saving services designed to maximise your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Thanks to our proactive approach, we’ve helped customers make savings of up to 35%.

Service you can count on

Whatever your needs, we’re listening.

We put world-class customer service at the heart of everything we do, extending the savings you make with us far beyond simple introductory discounts.

Whatever your sector, our expertise can help you reduce your water and energy use. And, thanks to our dedicated customer service and support teams, we’re there to help you manage your water, wastewater and energy requirements, when you need us.

Everything you need from us

From water efficiency  to first class technical support, we will provide everything you need to help you reduce costs, improve compliance and support your business continuity strategy.

You can trust us to manage the relationship with your wholesaler, here’s why:

  • We have established relationships with all of the water and wastewater wholesalers across the country
  • We understand the complexities of dealing with different wholesalers and we can manage this relationship for you
  • All of this means you can focus on your core business

A track record you can trust

If you’re looking for a partner with a proven track record that you can trust, our credentials are second to none.

We transferred our first customer in the competitive water market in 1997 and were the first English water supplier to be granted a retail licence in Scotland following Scottish market deregulation in 2008.

We’ve operated successfully there ever since and, thanks to our leading value, customer service and ease of switching, we now supply 29% of the Scottish retail water market, including most of Scotland’s public sector.

In fact, our Scottish customers are so happy with the value and service we offer that not a single one of them has ever left us.

You won’t find any other water supplier that can match that record of service, success or customer retention.

To switch to us, call 0333 207 9840
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business