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Wave set to fuel operational savings for MRH Retail

18th January 2018

Wave, the business utilities provider formed by the merger of Anglian Water Business and NWG Business, has signed a three-year deal with the UK’s largest independent petrol station and forecourt retail company to supply water and wastewater services which will deliver cost savings of least £67,000.

MRH Retail owns more than 489 sites in England and Scotland, most of which are branded Esso, BP or Shell. Its forecourt network also includes 336 Costa Express outlets, 34 Subway or Greggs & 2 full Costa Barista outlets and 304 Hursts stores.

MRH has reduced its spend on water and wastewater by £23,000 across it Scottish sites over the past three years thanks to Wave’s proactive range of water-saving services. The new contract will extend this efficiency-led approach to the whole MRH network, delivering those financial and environmental benefits across all sites.

Robert Swann from MRH explained: “Wave has helped us make significant operational cost savings across our Scottish sites, so the company was the natural choice for consolidating our water and wastewater supply needs across the whole of our network.

“This is the first time we have put all sites in England and Scotland under a single water contract, and we anticipate considerable time-saving and management benefits in addition to the efficient service and competitive pricing we know Wave can deliver.”

Amongst the services included in the new contract is Wave’s innovative Active Water Management®, which helps companies to identify unusual water usage patterns or high consumption so that they can act to resolve any issues. Wholesale query resolution will also be extended to all sites, along with account management and new billing regimes to ensure that MRH can view accurate, real time billing data.

The number of sites included in the contract will grow as MRH continues to add new locations to its network. The projected £67,000 in cost savings is also predicted to increase thanks to efficiency opportunities identified through Active Water Management.

Lucy Darch, the CEO of Wave, commented: “For multi-site customers with as many locations as MRH, it is important to know that their chosen water retailer will offer an efficient service, accurate billing and a proactive approach to driving down costs and water consumption.
“We have demonstrated to MRH that we can deliver in all these areas across their Scottish network, and we’re delighted that they have now chosen to trust us with their English sites too.”

A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business