Your sector

Whatever your industry, we’re here to help. And our wealth of experience means we understand the specific challenges you face.

Wheeled irrigation on agricultural soil

We can work in partnership with agricultural businesses to ensure you have a reliable supply that meets the high-volume requirements of your industry.

A technical consultancy team manager talking business water efficiency with a factory manager.

You can trust us to deliver savings, reduce consumption, ensure supply continuity, and safely process trade effluent.

We can help you save money and manage your costs while delivering service improvements, just as we do for 200 public sector organisation across 15,000 sites in Scotland.

You can rely on us to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and underpin operational continuity across your water, wastewater and energy efficiency needs.

You can trust our technical expertise across water and energy efficiency, process optimisation, contingency planning and asset lifespan extensions.

Whether you’re a single-site retailer or a multi-site national chain, we can help you save money.

We can help you look after your customers by looking after all your water, wastewater and energy efficiency needs.

Our combination of competitive pricing, leading customer service and wide range of efficiency services for business customers makes us the retail partner of choice.

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