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High water consumption at food & drink manufacturing plants makes them amongst the types of businesses that can gain most from water efficiency measures.

Whether you’re a single-site producer, a processor or a major multi-site operator, if you’re looking to cut your water use during cleaning, raw material preparation or cooling and freezing, we have the experience and expertise to help save you money.

man cleaning manufacturing hardware at food processing plantWe combine great prices with a wide range of cost-saving services, to ensure maximum value:

Proven track record

For many years, we have been working with leading businesses in the food and drink sector to support them in vital areas of business continuity, health, safety and a cleaner environment. Our customers include:

Risk-free capital investment

We can also help you to get risk-free capital investment for the upfront costs of the improvements and repay them from the operational cost savings. For example, we can offer leak detection and cover the upfront costs of repairs, in return for a share of the savings to help you avoid unforeseen costs.

Complete peace of mind

We understand the cost of disruption to your operations. That’s why we focus on ensuring peace of mind for our customers. We offer rapid round-the-clock expert technical support, so you can take care of business as usual, while we take care of other areas.

And because we understand the needs and expectations of the food and drink manufacturing sector – whatever the scale of your operation – you’ill receive outstanding customer service and support every step of the way.

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Food & Drink sector case studies

Greene King

Greene King Belhaven Pubs

Greene King's water conservation strategy has saved £20,000 per year in Scotland alone.


Leak detection and efficiency measures help Weetabix in their pledge to reduce water use by 20% by 2020
A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business