In the face of spending constraints and increased water demand, the need for healthcare providers to find efficiency has never been more important. We are here to help you save water and money, so you can continue providing your vital care as usual.

Water UK (2003) estimated that, in total, financial savings of up to 20% may be achieved through water efficiency measures in healthcare estates, with little or no cost in investment. This translates to a possible saving of £9.5 million per year (at 2001 prices).

Many of these savings can be immediately realised through minor repairs to existing infrastructure and through good housekeeping, while others may require an initial capital investment that can be recovered within a specified payback period. Many water-efficiency activities will also in result in savings in energy costs because less water needs to be heated.

Our track record in the healthcare sector

From big names such as Bupa and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, to small-scale care providers, we have delivered water and energy efficiency savings to many healthcare providers across the UK and we continue to work closely with them today. Our customers have benefitted from real long-term savings thanks to operational and reliability advantages, along with permanent consumption savings, which more than offset any temporary pricing offers, while improving environmental credentials.

Shared gains

We can help you identify water efficiency savings that can be realised through simple changes that don’t cost the earth. If you have limited funds to spend on water efficiency improvements, we can undertake certain types of work through a gain-share arrangement. As part of the gain-share scheme, we pay for the associated improvement work in return for a share the savings later. It allows you to reduce your water bill without paying the upfront project costs.

Come and talk to us

Whether your organisation consumes large volumes of water, has a complex multi-site structure, or needs expert advice on water strategy, identifying leaks or wastewater recycling, we have the skills and experience to deliver real savings and add value at every stage.

And because we understand the needs of the healthcare sector – whatever the scale of your operation – you will receive outstanding customer service and support every step of the way.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

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When we talk about making savings, you can be sure we’re speaking from experience. Our expertise in water efficiency is built on managing water supply in the driest region in the country, so we know a thing or two about doing more with less.

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