There is enormous potential within the industrial sector to substantially boost water efficiency. We have the expertise and experience to help you tap into this potential and add real value to your operations.

Water is used in a wide range of industrial activities, from addition to the final product and washing or rinsing of raw materials, to preparation of solvents and cleaning of equipment and space.

It is widely recognised that industrial businesses have a great potential for raising their water efficiency.

industrial water useExperience from around the world shows that adopting a systematic approach to water efficiency often results in a 20-50% reduction in water consumption.

We have considerable experience of helping our industrial customers identify ways to reduce their water wastage, increase water productivity and benefit from technical developments, as well as benefitting from water management techniques.

Customers as diverse as Total, British Sugar, Unilever, BP and EDF, trust us to deliver savings, reduce usage, ensure supply continuity, and safely process their trade effluent.

Our wide range of services address the following common areas of concerns:

  • water auditing
  • business continuity planning
  • leak detection
  • effective water monitoring and maintenance programme
  • good water housekeeping
  • water use in processes and equipment
  • on site storage and treatment.

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