Public sector

We understand the pressures facing public sector organisations across the country, with the need to make financial savings whilst continuing to deliver the same – or improved – levels of service.

As efficiency experts, we’ve helped many public sector organisations identify ways to make savings on their water bill. We offer a range of services that can help your organisation do the same.

Water performance contracting

We offer a range of Water Performance Contract options that benefit our customers with investment-ready proposals that provide full visibility of cost and return on investment.

See how we’ve helped Hewett School, Norwich, reduce it’s water bill by around 80%.

Water efficiency assessments

Naturally, our highly experienced field service technicians are experts in undertaking water efficiency assessments on public sector premises, which are quickly used to identify opportunities for saving water.

Energy and water saving audits

We work in partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to deliver a unique offering to public sector customers across England and Scotland, helping them achieve energy and water efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This innovative partnership means that public sector customers benefit from a wide range of products and services that deliver significant benefits for our customers.

See how we’ve helped Addenbrooke’s Hospital achieve savings of £15,000 per year with an LED lighting upgrade with full Salix funding compliance, and an ROI within five years.

Active Water Management®

Effective water management begins with understanding where and how your organisation is using water. Our technicians utilise various measurement tools to monitor consumption levels. This data is processed and analysed to identify opportunities to reduce your consumption through our Active Water Management Service®.

Our Active Water Management service® not only takes the hassle out of monitoring your consumption, it also ensures you are alerted to opportunities that will enable you to further reduce your costs.

Contact us to find out how we can work with your organisation to reduce water consumption and save money.

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