Scottish Public Sector

From hospitals to universities, we’re proud to supply the majority of the Scottish public sector.

Our winning combination of price, customer service, value and ease of switching means we now supply 200 Scottish public sector organisations and over 15,000 sites.

We have ambitious targets – estimating that we’ll save the Scottish public sector £40m over four years. We’ll do this by helping individual hospitals, colleges, prisons, fire stations and offices to:

  • Reduce their water usage in order to save money, energy and carbon
  • Spot leaks on their sites quickly before costs mount up
  • Review past bills to ensure they’re on the best tariff

This is backed up by our existing strong track record in Scotland, where we have helped a number of well-known, diverse businesses including ASDA, Betfred, the Belhaven pub chain and Sheraton Grand Hotel.

In Scotland, we’ve pledged to develop young people through apprenticeships and are an accredited Living Wage employer.

A joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG business